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A Lazy Morning

We have some seriously cute cats.  This one here, Daisy, doesn’t usually like to be photographed – to my extreme frustration.  Normally, she hears the shutter and promptly gets up and moves on.  But this morning she let me photograph her in all of her sunbathing glory – she was practically modeling for me – and I just had to share the cuteness.  Happy Holidays!!

This was how I found her.  So darn cute.

This was how I found her. So darn cute. And our windows are dirty. Don't judge.

And then she started modeling.

And then she started modeling.





And here’s our other cutie, Roscoe.  He normally does model – fortunately he has no qualms with it – so we have tons of pictures of this adorable fur ball.  But here’s one from just last week so he’s not left out of the post.  :)


I hope your morning is just as lazy and splendid.  Merry Christmas!!

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