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A Quick Holiday Recap

HAPPY 2012!!!

I hope you had a relaxing, indulgent holiday break filled with too many sweets and tons of time with your family!  While editing photos of my own wonderful Christmas, I determined that my family is so darn cute – I just have to proudly share photos of them with all of you!  So bear with me as I give you a quick recap of my fabulous holiday break with family….    Blake and I spent Christmas morning with his awesome family in Alexandria.  Our niece and nephew, Janna and Miles, are two of the most precocious and lovable children on the planet.  It was wonderful to watch them enjoy their presents, which included a pair of roller skates for each of them, a princess dress for Janna, and a toy leaf blower (with goggles!) for Miles.  Needless to say, the roller skates provided us with endless entertainment and activity for the next few days.










And then a few days after Christmas I traveled down to South Carolina to celebrate the New Year with my family.  In general it was a calm, wonderful visit with lots of food, conversation, a little bit of shopping, and hours of Scattegories, but there was one raucous night when we had 16 people gathered together in one house for a pizza party.  It reminded me of the opening scene of Home Alone, one of my favorite holiday movies, even down to the spilled soda.  I loved it.  :)

This is one of my favorites from the holiday.  This is my brother, Scott, and our exuberant nephew, Eric.  He cracks me up.








And now it’s back to work after all of that relaxing, laughing, and stuffing my face!  Favorite photos of 2011 are coming soon as are photos from Lee & Karl’s gorgeous winter wedding at Airlie Center.  Thanks for stopping by, and Happy 2012!!!

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