hey. i'm tracy

Dogs. We have 3!!
(Maddie, Giselle + Gora)

Game nights. The more laughter the better.

Podcasts. I'm especially addicted to ones featuring investigative journalism, true crime, and politics.

I love me some bright, bold Color. Rainbows are especially awesome - for what they represent (LGBTQ equality), of course, and because they remind me of my childhood.

My hubs, Blake. He's the calm to my emotional and the rational to my crazy. Bonus:  his uber intelligence frequently comes in handy.

my loves

I started my company in 2006, and have photographed over 325 weddings.

Timmester is my last name, my maiden name. It kind of rhymes with sinister. :)

I earned my BFA in Photography in 2002, and then assisted other wedding photographers until I gained the confidence to pursue my own style and company.

I have been a full-time wedding photographer since 2008. Every year, I still celebrate that fabulous December anniversary of achieving the dream!

the biz

I hate anything that is forced or awkward. The goal is to make you and your guests feel as comfortable as possible. 

I love the moments. I want to capture the fun expressions, the exchanged glances, the laughter, and all of the dance floor craziness.

My team takes an unobtrusive approach so that you forget we are even there. We want you to be yourselves. That's how we capture the real moments.

Even when we are posing you, we want it to feel natural and painless. Again, nothing forced or awkward. I hate forced and awkward.

my style

as seen in

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