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Alison & Nick’s Engagement

Can I just say that I absolutely love my job? I get to hang out with great couples, laugh, walk around cool areas, and take pictures. And I get PAID for it!! That’s the part that still amazes me. I love that! And I also love that giddy excitement before I upload pictures and review them. Every photographer experiences this, and I remember the same excitement when developing rolls of film way back in high school and college. I love that that excitement is still with me and looks like it will (hopefully) stay with me forever. It’s one of the many joys of photography :)

I had such a good time with Nick and Alison on Sunday night. Our photo shoot took place in Old Town Fredericksburg about a mile from where Nick grew up. I’ve been wanting to do an engagement session there since Adrienne & Sean’s wedding introduced me to the area back in April. It is such a charming location, and who doesn’t love red brick walls, brightly-painted doorways, and alleyways as a backdrop for photos? :) We also happened upon the grounds of the Kenmore Plantation, where we were promptly scolded for having not asked for a permit beforehand (oops, we didn’t know!) but fortunately we were permitted to stay. We also met Moses, the Kenmore cat, who loves to be in pictures it turns out. He followed us everywhere around the grounds and managed to be in several of Nick and Alison’s photos. As Nick said that evening, Moses will be like the Where’s Waldo of their engagement album :) I should note that I usually love black and white photos but really enjoyed the colors of the area and Alison’s fabulous royal blue dress (from Anthropologie!) so left most of the following images in color. Enjoy!






Moses, the cat, makes his grand entrance... :)

Moses, the cat, makes his grand entrance... :)






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