timmester photography


Almost There

This is the status of my new in-home consultation space.  Blake and I just hung the gallery wraps last night and, after a few more accessories and wall pieces, it will be completely finished.  I can’t tell you how thrilling this is.  I just want to stand in the doorway and admire.  I have always dreamed of a welcoming, warm, and cheerful space in which I can meet clients, and now we are almost there.  I can’t wait to welcome over the first couple for an evening of conversation, wine, and photography.  As recently as May, Timmester Photography was run out of the small condo Blake and I owned in Alexandria.  Now we have expanded in to an adorable cape cod in Falls Church and Timmester Photography has its own consultation space, big office, and equipment closet.  This has been a good year.  :)


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