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Ashley & Will at the Jefferson Memorial and the Capitol

Washington DC Engagement-001

Will is a bit of a history buff so it made perfect sense for us to visit two of our nation’s capital’s most important sites for their engagement session.  We started at the gorgeous Jefferson Memorial (which we practically had to ourselves), we stopped by Bartholdi Park of the U.S. Botanic Gardens, and then we ended the session on the quiet, eastern side of the Capitol.  It was a stunning afternoon with perfect temperatures and gorgeous light.  Ashley and Will are playful, affectionate, attractive, and super sweet, so it was a wonderful afternoon way to spend an afternoon in the city.  They are getting married in less than a month(!!), and I know it is going to be a fantastic celebration.  Congratulations, Ashley & Will!

Washington DC Engagement-002 Washington DC Engagement-003 Washington DC Engagement-004 Washington DC Engagement-005 Washington DC Engagement-006 Washington DC Engagement-007 Washington DC Engagement-008 Washington DC Engagement-009 Washington DC Engagement-010 Washington DC Engagement-011 Washington DC Engagement-012

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