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Aubrey & Matt’s Engagement

I had a great time with Aubrey and Matt on Thursday in Alexandria. It was definitely at hot one – I can’t deny that – and I probably looked pretty disgusting on the other side of that camera, but fortunately Aubrey and Matt looked good, and the pictures turned out great! This couple really is so wonderful and so obviously in love. They met at an internship a few years ago in Kansas, where they are from. After doing long distance for a while (and driving six hours to see one another on weekends!) they realized their priority was to be together. They now live together in Alexandria and are really just so happy to spend time with one another. And that’s as wonderful and simple as it should be – just wanting to spend time with your loved one. I love that they are aware of that and make time for one another every day. I think they are off to a good start in spending the rest of their lives together :)

Old Town Alexandria is definitely one of my favorite spots for engagement pictures because of the fun doorways, colors, and architecture, but fortunately Aubrey and Matt also reintroduced me to a place I haven’t been to since my parents forced me to visit it on “family days” when I was a kid: Huntley Meadows Park. Wow, this place is fabulous. A boardwalk and wetlands. What more could you want? It was really so, so pretty and I’m now going to encourage all of my clients to go there, but we may have to wait until fall (lots of humidity and bugs in the summer, it turns out :) Enjoy the pics!!













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