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Baby Grace is here!

Baby Grace was born, after 40 hours of labor (!!!!!!!), on Tuesday, July 28th. She weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces, is 21 inches long, and she is freakin’ cute! Whoa. I thought babies came out with smushed faces, cone heads, and no chance of being cute for at least a few days (certainly not after all that trauma). Well, I was wrong. Clearly. Baby Grace is so, so, so beautiful and adorable and clearly the pride and joy of her parents, Becky and Jason.

You may remember Becky’s Baby Shower from last month. She and I go way back – back to our dorky high school days – and I consider her an amazing friend. Cassie, another amazing high school friend, and I got to visit Becky on Wednesday night at the hospital and meet Grace for the first time. It was fabulous to be there, just the ladies, to meet this adorable new person in our lives and to photograph her. Becky has always been a strong, confident woman, and she is already a comfortable, self-assured Mom. The way she held Grace and interacted with her looked like she had been doing it for years already, which completely stunned me because I certainly won’t know what to do when I have a child!! Becky and Jason are going to be great parents, and Grace is going to be a beautiful, fabulous kid. Expect many more pictures of her to follow over the years :)









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