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Bliss & Simo’s Washington DC Wedding

Bliss and Simo are my kind of people.  They are laid-back, quick to laugh, utterly in love, and they wanted a good celebration with friends and family on their wedding day.  Bliss and Simo were married at St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill, in a neighborhood that Bliss adores after years of living there.  Because of that, we decided to do a handful of their photos in that colorful, charming neighborhood as well as a few other spots in DC.  Bliss and Simo wanted photographs with some of the DC monuments, which on a crowded, touristy Saturday in DC would normally make me  a little nervous, but being the laid-back people that they are, they let me decide on the locations and we were able to find quiet areas within the city.  The celebration took place at the lovely Alexandria home of a personal friend, and another good friend – the famed chef of The Belga Cafe (and season 10 Top Chef contestant!!) – Bart Vandaele, catered the party with his tasty creations.  And then the dance floor was wild.  It was hours and hours of enthusiastic, carefree dancing and it was all that I could do to not put my camera down myself and join Bliss, Simo and their awesome friends on the dance floor.  Congratulations, Bliss & Simo!

Clearly, there were some VERY cute kids at this wedding. :)

Capitol Hill is so cute and colorful. I seriously love that neighborhood.

In addition to Capitol Hill, we also did some portraits at the DC Memorial…

…and in the Botanical Gardens near the Capitol. Thank you to groomsman Valerio who was our awesome chauffeur. :)

The Belga Cafe chef, Bart Vandaele, and his tasty creations!

Congratulations, Bliss & Simo!

Second Photographer:  Artemas Mott

Hotel:  Renaissance Arlington Capital View

Church:  St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill

Caterer:  The Belga Cafe, Bart Vandaele

Florist:  Conklyn’s

Cake:  Alexandria Pastry Shop

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