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Carolyn at Brookside Gardens

Brookside Gardens-001

I’ve been fortunate to photograph this red-headed cutie a few times, and she is absolutely delightful.  Every time I walk away from a session with Carolyn and her parents, Julie & Rob, I have a huge smile on my face.  If they are any example of what it is like to have kids and make a family, then sign me up.  It is obvious that Julie, Rob, and Carolyn absolutely delight in spending time with one another.  The three of them are always smiling, and it is clear that Julie & Rob are very proud of their sweet and precocious daughter.  And I can see why.  Miss Carolyn is super lovable.  :)

Brookside Gardens-002 Brookside Gardens-003 Brookside Gardens-004 Brookside Gardens-005 Brookside Gardens-006 Brookside Gardens-007 Brookside Gardens-008 Brookside Gardens-009 Brookside Gardens-010 Brookside Gardens-011 Brookside Gardens-012

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