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Christine & Brett at Paradise Springs Winery

Paradise Springs Winery-001

I like these two.  A lot.  They are sincere, earnest, open, and they are clearly in love.  I adore the way these two look at each other, and I feel pretty honored to be the one responsible for documenting that look and this time in their lives.  We were lucky that we even had time to schedule this session, because Christine & Brett are busy world travelers.  Christine recently returned to the U.S. after a stint in Afghanistan and Brett was only home for one week (during a three year post in England), so we had a limited window to schedule their session.  Fortunately, the weather cooperated, the light was gorgeous, and C&B were their affectionate and sweet selves that afternoon despite a long day of work before that.  C&B went home with two bottles of port, and my assistant, Tina, and I each went home with a bottle of wine from Paradise Springs so, combined with their fantastic session, it was an awesome afternoon!  Congrats, Christine & Brett!

Paradise Springs Winery-002 Paradise Springs Winery-003 Paradise Springs Winery-004 Paradise Springs Winery-005 Paradise Springs Winery-006 Paradise Springs Winery-007 Paradise Springs Winery-008 Paradise Springs Winery-009 Paradise Springs Winery-010 Paradise Springs Winery-011

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