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Christine & Brian at Corcoran Gallery of Art

I don’t think that it is possible for a couple to be more adorable, sweet, and in love than these two.  Christine and Brian are so cute and lovable that I want to give them each a huge hug every time I see them, which could be an annoying problem for them since they live around the corner from me.  Christine and Brian had a perfect, relaxed, and stunning wedding in Washington, DC.  I was thrilled because we had plenty of time for portraits in pretty locations within the city – the DC War Memorial and Meridian Hill Park – and they were happy because they had plenty of time to enjoy the day and relax with family and friends once we arrived at the Corcoran for the celebration.  It was such a perfect day and a wonderful start to the 2013 wedding season.  Congratulations, Christine & Brian!

001_Corcoran Gallery of Art

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Second Photographer & Assistant:  Artemas Mott, Rachael Boyd

Wedding Coordinator:  A Sweet Soiree Events, Courtney Swierczek

Ceremony Venue:  All Souls Unitarian Church

Reception Venue:  Corcoran Gallery of Art

Florist:  Growing Wild Floral Company

Band:  Bialek’s Music, Paradise Band

Caterer:  Well Dunn Catering

Lighting:  Yours Truly Lighting and Decor

Cake:  Edibles Incredible

Makeup:  Blend Event, Dana Sherman

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