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Colleen + Brad at Antrim 1844

Antrim 1844_001

I loved these two from the moment I read their first email, and each interaction with them since – the phone calls and emails, the engagement session, and the wedding day – has only further solidified my initial impression of this awesome, perfectly-matched duo.  Colleen and Brad are effusive, energetic, passionate, and they both have great senses of humor, which means they laugh.  A lot.  It was truly a privilege to see these two get married.  It was an emotional and humorous ceremony as their good friend, Father Jim Donohue, read from Colleen and Brad’s own emails describing what they love about the other.  It is clear that these two are perfect for one another, and that observation was made over and over again throughout the day by Father Jim, by their toasting (roasting) friends, and by their parents, who are obviously thrilled with the match.  Congratulations, Colleen + Brad.  You two are awesome.

Antrim 1844_002 Antrim 1844_003 Antrim 1844_004 Antrim 1844_005 Antrim 1844_006 Antrim 1844_007 Antrim 1844_008 Antrim 1844_009 Antrim 1844_010 Antrim 1844_011 Antrim 1844_012 Antrim 1844_013 Antrim 1844_014 Antrim 1844_015 Antrim 1844_016 Antrim 1844_017 Antrim 1844_018 Antrim 1844_019 Antrim 1844_020 Antrim 1844_021 Antrim 1844_022 Antrim 1844_023 Antrim 1844_024 Antrim 1844_025 Antrim 1844_026 Antrim 1844_027 Antrim 1844_028 Antrim 1844_029 Antrim 1844_030 Antrim 1844_031 Antrim 1844_032 Antrim 1844_033Venue + Catering:  Antrim 1844, Beth Pumphrey

Ceremony site:  Church of the Immaculate Conception, Mount St. Mary’s University

Florist:  Bella Fiori

DJ:  Matrimonial Sound, DJ Aaron

Cake:  Karen Rodkey Cakes

Makeup:  Nicole Palermo

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