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Deanna & Dan’s Engagement Session with Wine and a Hot Air Balloon!

Dan is such a romantic.  He wanted to propose to Deanna on a hot air balloon ride after first enjoying wine at a vineyard.  Unfortunately, the hot air balloon can only go up in perfect, wind-free weather conditions so Dan had to come up with a last-minute plan for the proposal.  The vineyard owners mentioned that their favorite secluded and romantic winery with lovely views was Cave Ridge so that is where Dan took Deanna, and that is where she said yes!  The two have not given up on their hopes of going up in a romantic hot air balloon ride, however, so we scheduled their engagement session at the engagement location, Cave Ridge Vineyard, to be followed by a hot air balloon ride with D & D Ballooning.  Once again, D & D couldn’t actually go up in the balloon due to weather, but Daryl and Debbie of the balloon company were nice enough to briefly inflate the balloon for us so that we could get a handful of colorful, awesome pictures.  This was a fabulous engagement session and my first hot air balloon experience.  I loved it, and I’m really hoping Deanna & Dan can enjoy a flight some time soon!

Cave Ridge Vineyard_001 Cave Ridge Vineyard_002 Cave Ridge Vineyard_003 Cave Ridge Vineyard_004 Cave Ridge Vineyard_005 Cave Ridge Vineyard_006 Cave Ridge Vineyard_007 Cave Ridge Vineyard_008 Cave Ridge Vineyard_009 Cave Ridge Vineyard_010 Cave Ridge Vineyard_011 Cave Ridge Vineyard_012 Cave Ridge Vineyard_013 Cave Ridge Vineyard_014 Cave Ridge Vineyard_015

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