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Erin & Alex at Strong Mansion

Strong Mansion_001

My first contact with this wonderful couple was via a phone chat with Erin, and I liked her immediately.  She was so friendly, sincere, and open, and she described herself, Alex, and all of their friends as “nerdy”.  That would have been enough to make me fall in love, but all of the extra little tidbits made me want to photograph their wedding even more.  First of all, Erin and Alex are a nuclear chemist and a roboticist, respectively, which would be completely intimidating if they weren’t such a sweet couple.  Second, they created all of their thoughtful wedding details themselves, such as the rabbit logo on their invitation and program and the antique centerpieces of stacked books and meaningful items.  And, finally, Erin & Alex hosted their wedding reception at Strong Mansion, which is a favorite venue of mine and it was the perfect backdrop for their soft vintage wedding look.  I absolutely loved photographing the wedding of two wonderful nerds.  Congratulations, Erin & Alex!

Strong Mansion_002 Strong Mansion_003 Strong Mansion_004 Strong Mansion_005 Strong Mansion_006 Strong Mansion_007 Strong Mansion_008 Strong Mansion_009 Strong Mansion_010 Strong Mansion_011 Strong Mansion_012 Strong Mansion_013 Strong Mansion_014 Strong Mansion_015 Strong Mansion_016 Strong Mansion_017 Strong Mansion_018 Strong Mansion_019 Strong Mansion_020 Strong Mansion_021 Strong Mansion_022 Strong Mansion_023 Strong Mansion_024 Strong Mansion_025 Strong Mansion_026 Strong Mansion_027 Strong Mansion_028 Strong Mansion_029 Strong Mansion_030 Strong Mansion_031

Second Photographer:  Artemas Mott

Ceremony venue:  Holy Cross Catholic Church

Reception venue:  Strong Mansion

DJ:  DJ D-Mac & Associates, DJ Jayclue

Caterer:  Canapes

Florist:  Ory Florals

Hair & Makeup:  Bridal Artistry

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