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Evelyn, Camille & Family at Bartholdi Park

It was a gorgeous afternoon in Washington, DC when I photographed two of the cutest little girls ever, Evie & Camille.  I also had the pleasure of photographing Evie & Camille with their parents, Tess & Francis, and their aunt and uncle, Marylou & Kevin.  Marylou and Tess are sisters, and since Tess and family were visiting from out of town, it was a good excuse to have some portraits taken in DC.  We practically had the city to ourselves as it was the first day of the government shutdown.  We were half-expecting Bartholdi Park, an open and gorgeous space connected to the U.S. Botanic Garden, to be gated up, but fortunately the park was open and we enjoyed a surreal and quiet DC.  I loved photographing this great group and these two generations of sisters!

DC Family Portraits_001 DC Family Portraits_002 DC Family Portraits_003 DC Family Portraits_004 DC Family Portraits_005 DC Family Portraits_006 DC Family Portraits_007 DC Family Portraits_008 DC Family Portraits_009 DC Family Portraits_010 DC Family Portraits_011 DC Family Portraits_012

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