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Fabulous Lily!

Without a doubt, Lily is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. She’s got a huge smile, big cheeks, and an adorable personality to match! When I first saw her I nearly freaked out over her cute-as-can-be outfit complete with hot pink boots and polka dot leggings. Loved it! It shouldn’t have surprised me that Lily is fabulous, though, because she’s got super cool parents in Randi and Christopher. Randi runs her own wedding planning business, Starlight Affairs, and I first met her and Christopher at Lindsay & Jeff’s wonderful wedding in June. I get to work with Randi again in November and I can’t wait! And hopefully we’ll do another family session again soon so I can get more time with the fabulous Lily :)


Didn't I tell you? Cutest kid ever!



About to climb off the bench, but then she was fascinated... :)

She was about to climb off this bench but then became mesmerized... :)


Not it!!!

Not it!!!


Tickle time!

Tickle time!



She was sticking her tongue out for all of these :)



Oh, I should mention that this lifestyle session took place in Patterson Park in Baltimore. It was my first time there, and I loved it. There’s a pagoda (!!), a fountain, and a pond with a boardwalk and lily pads. Perfect setting for a family shoot!

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