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Emma, Ethan & Eric

Let me just take a moment to brag about how cute and fabulous my family is.  These are my niece and nephews: Ethan, Emma, & Eric.  They are a bright, sweet and rambunctious trio, and I am very proud to be their Dark-Haired Aunt Tracy (they also have another Aunt Tracy – known as Blonde Aunt Tracy :).  Emma, Ethan and Eric had to get up early one August morning to do some portraits with their parents at Green Springs Garden Park, and they were cooperative and cute for a full twenty minutes.  And then it went a bit downhill.  Fortunately, though, we captured some cute moments before the restlessness and full heat of the day kicked in.  Take a moment and check out how adorable my niece and nephews are.  :)

Family Portraits_Green Springs Park-001 Family Portraits_Green Springs Park-002 Family Portraits_Green Springs Park-003 Family Portraits_Green Springs Park-004

Ah, I love these three.  :)

Ah, I love these three. :)

Family Portraits_Green Springs Park-006

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