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Favorites of 2013: Ceremony

This is the reason we all gather together to celebrate, cry, laugh, and dance like maniacs on a wedding day:  it is the marriage itself.  The ceremony unifies two people for a lifelong journey of love, friendship, commitment and adventure.  There are so many wonderful moments during a ceremony, beginning with the bride and her father before they walk down the aisle and ending with the couple’s jubilation when they are officially married.  It is such an honor to capture these meaningful moments in a couple and their families’ unions.  We love our jobs.

2013 Ceremony_01 2013 Ceremony_02 2013 Ceremony_03 2013 Ceremony_04 2013 Ceremony_05 2013 Ceremony_06 2013 Ceremony_07 2013 Ceremony_08 2013 Ceremony_09 2013 Ceremony_10 2013 Ceremony_11 2013 Ceremony_12 2013 Ceremony_13 2013 Ceremony_14 2013 Ceremony_15 2013 Ceremony_16 2013 Ceremony_17 2013 Ceremony_18 2013 Ceremony_19 2013 Ceremony_20

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