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Favorites of 2013: Engagement

It’s that time of year when we wedding photographers hibernate, recuperate, and review our work from the past fabulous year.  2013 was good to Timmester Photography.  We were fortunate to work with some seriously fabulous couples (and their pups :) and, thus, we wanted to share some of our favorite engagement session shots with you.  We are in the process of updating our website with all of the 2013 awesomeness, but here is a sneak peek of our favorite engagement photos in the meanwhile.  More 2013 Favorites coming soon!

2013 Engagements_01 2013 Engagements_02 2013 Engagements_03 2013 Engagements_04 2013 Engagements_05 2013 Engagements_06 2013 Engagements_07 2013 Engagements_08 2013 Engagements_09 2013 Engagements_10 2013 Engagements_11 2013 Engagements_12 2013 Engagements_13 2013 Engagements_14 2013 Engagements_15 2013 Engagements_16 2013 Engagements_17 2013 Engagements_18 2013 Engagements_19

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