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Fawn & Dustin at Pier 5 Hotel

From the moment Fawn and Dustin contacted me I knew that I really, really wanted to photograph their wedding.  To start with, I had photographed Fawn’s brother and sister-in-law’s wedding a few years before, and I knew that her family was a very sweet and emotional bunch that loves to shake it on the dance floor.  Then Fawn and Dustin came to meet with me in person and they were so smiley and affectionate, I just wanted to give them a huge hug.  Seriously.  Both Fawn and Dustin are wonderful people, but they are practically giddy in one another’s presence.  I don’t know that I have ever seen a couple so happy and photogenic – after becoming husband and wife, especially – as these two.  The second photographer, assistant and I kept exclaiming how gorgeous and photogenic they were – we were practically hyperventilating because it was such a fun portrait session – and Dustin and Fawn skeptically said, “I bet you say that to everyone one.”  Um, not everyone is as adorable and photogenic as you two, Fawn and Dustin, and I’m pretty sure that the picture above will be the next gallery wrap in my studio and that’s not just to prove a point.  You two are truly gorgeous, sweet, affectionate, happy, and wonderful to be around.  Your wedding was such a delight to photograph.  Congratulations, you guys!

Fawn smiles like this all the time!

Artemas spent a few minutes with the guys getting ready:

And after a First Look, we had time to photograph the happy couple before they got married. :)

The Pier 5 ceremony garden is right below the fantastic red lighthouse on pier five. So of course we had to use it for a few portraits. :)

I love this one Artemas got of the groomsmen waiting and watching while Fawn & Dustin have their portraits taken.

I love this one as well – also taken by Artemas.  :)

This little cutie is Laila, the 6 month old daughter of Ron & Nadia (my former clients :).

The ceremony site is in a prime spot on the pier with gorgeous views of Baltimore, like this one.

Some couples don’t want to do portraits before the ceremony because they think the processional won’t be as poignant. Judging by Dustin’s face, I think it was still a pretty emotional moment for these two. :)

Look at how happy they are! So cute.

Thank you, National Aquarium, for providing an amazing and colorful backdrop for Fawn & Dustin’s portraits.

While I photographed gorgeous Fawn from this angle…

… Artemas photographed from this angle. Love it.

And then it was time to celebrate. :)

One of my former brides and an old AHS classmate, lovely Anne. :)

What an awesome party. Congrats, Fawn & Dustin!

Second Photographer & Assistant:  Artemas Mott & Courtney Middleton

Venue:  Pier 5 Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland – Jill Jenkins

Pastor:  Steve Dallwig

DJ:  Music Masters, Dan Hawkins

Cake:  SugarBakers Cakes

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