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Gems from My Dad

My Dad is the most motivated person I know. He gets up at dawn and enthusiastically attacks his daily to-do list until the sun sets (sometimes later). Even in retirement, he keeps himself busy with constant projects and hobbies he loves. One of his current projects is to go through all 4000 of his slides and turn them in to digital files. This is a huge benefit to me because my entire childhood is on slide film! While my older brother has albums and albums of photographic prints from his cute toddler years, my toddler pictures are all slides and have been previously hidden away in a closet, ignored for years at a time. Of course, I’ve tried to encourage family viewings but really, who wants to look at them besides me? I had some success over the Thanksgiving holiday and my parents and husband lovingly humored me while we looked at old pictures on a warped screen with a wonky projector. As to be expected, there was football on in the background AND my husband promptly fell asleep. :)

But it’s a new day. Fortunately, my Dad is enthusiastic about this project and I get the occasional email with wonderful picture attachments! Despite the fact that I KNOW I’m the only one interested in these pictures, I’m going to share two with you. These were the first of the email attachments, and hopefully there are many more to come! I love how my brother and I rocked out 1980s helmet haircuts, not like we had a choice in the matter :)

According to my Dad, the picture on the left is just before my first sled ride in winter 1981, Stuttgart, Germany. The picture on the right is from a few years later when we lived in San Diego, with the aforementioned helmet haircuts :)


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