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Katie & Tom at Montrose Park

On Monday night, I met up with Katie, Tom, and their fabulous chocolate lab, Carley, for some engagement pictures at Montrose Park. The park was beautiful, the sun was shining, and our session was a lot of fun! I was particularly impressed with Carley. Not only is she adorable, with soulful brown eyes, but she’s also really friendly and well-behaved. She is going to make a great ring-bearer at Katie and Tom’s wedding in June!

After walking through the woods, sitting on benches and being cute, Katie and Tom donned their football jerseys and got a little feisty! :) They are fans of two different Pennsylvania teams – the Steelers and the Eagles – and had fun playing up the rivalry for the camera. Oh, and Carley wore a referree shirt. How cute is that!?










What a cute family!

What a cute family!

Look at how cute Carley is!  This is definitely my favorite picture of the day :)

Look at how adorable Carley is! This is my favorite picture of the day :)

Time for some football!

Time for some football!


Love this one on the right of Katie.  Sexy!!

Love this one of Katie on the right. Sexy! :)

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