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Katrina + Eric at Chrysalis Vineyards

Chrysalis Vineyards_001These two have IT.  They have that chemistry and that connection that makes their love so obvious to everyone around them. What’s cute is that they didn’t know they had IT initially – or at least they ignored it. Katrina and Eric were friends for a year, during which time Katrina attempted to set Eric up with friends of hers. It was only have after a few failed setups with other people that they noticed they had something special. So then they dated and it didn’t take them long to realize just how perfect it was. After eight months, Katrina and Eric were married! Witnessed by just their siblings, closest friends, and their two beloved pups, K + Eric were married on a gorgeous August morning at Chrysalis Vineyards.  In a spectacular setting, Katrina and Eric shared vows which they wrote themselves, they exchanged rings, and they smiled A LOT.  Once it was official, the newlyweds celebrated with wine and a few portraits around the vineyard.  I was only with this fabulous couple for two hours, but I thought that their plans to vineyard-hop and enjoy time with their favorite people sounded like the most perfect and intimate wedding day ever.  I love these two and I loved their perfect wedding.  Congratulations, K + E!

Chrysalis Vineyards_002 Chrysalis Vineyards_003 Chrysalis Vineyards_004 Chrysalis Vineyards_005 Chrysalis Vineyards_006 Chrysalis Vineyards_007 Chrysalis Vineyards_008 Chrysalis Vineyards_009 Chrysalis Vineyards_010 Chrysalis Vineyards_011 Chrysalis Vineyards_012 Chrysalis Vineyards_013 Chrysalis Vineyards_014 Chrysalis Vineyards_015 Chrysalis Vineyards_016 Chrysalis Vineyards_017 Chrysalis Vineyards_018 Chrysalis Vineyards_019 Chrysalis Vineyards_020 Chrysalis Vineyards_021 Chrysalis Vineyards_022 Chrysalis Vineyards_023

Venue:  Chrysalis Vineyards, Middleburg, Virginia

Officiant:  With This Ring I Thee Wedd, Leora Motley

Hair & Makeup:  Alison Harper & Company

Assistant:  Jennifer Magnuson

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