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Kelly & John’s Anniversary Shoot

Kelly and John were married on August 1, 2009, and to celebrate three years of marriage they decided to do a photo shoot (which is one of the best forms of celebration that I’ve ever heard of!).  They also wanted to commemorate this fun time in their lives.  It’s likely that they will have kids in a few years and they wanted a photographic memory of not only their wedding (which was awesome, by the way), but also the wonderful period of time that followed – the first few years of marriage.  So Kelly and John chose two locations that suited them – a pub and a sunflower field – and the date was set.  Unfortunately, the sunflowers didn’t cooperate and the shoot had to be postponed to a few weeks after their actual anniversary, but you will see that the wait was well worth it.  If you haven’t seen a sunflower field in person, you must.  But call ahead and confirm, because those babies have a short shelf life as we found out in our many attempts to schedule this shoot.  :)

We started the shoot at the the hip Cafe Deluxe in Tysons Corner.  Kelly & John are so cute.  :)

After a few beers, it was on to the sunflower field!  We arrived at the McKee-Beshers just in time to do some portraits as the sun set.  It was really beautiful.


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