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Kellye & Sean at Columbia Country Club

Working with Kellye and Sean was such a wonderful experience.  Kellye is a planner for corporate events and she is very detail-oriented and thoughtful.  Sean is the same way and it is clear that they put a lot of thought in to their gorgeous wedding.  They wanted their guests to be comfortable and to enjoy themselves in a lovely environment, and they were completely successful.  Everything about this wedding was lovely, and the celebration was wild.  The only hiccups were the pockets of rain that started just as Kellye and Sean exited the church and it was time to do portraits.  If there had been a time lapse camera documenting our portrait session at Columbia Country Club, the resulting footage would have been hysterical as Kellye, Sean, Artemas and I ran indoors a handful of times to avoid the rain and then repeated the same process later with the entire wedding party.  Everyone had a good sense of humor about it, fortunately, and no one got too wet.  Thank you, Kellye & Sean, for being such good sports and CONGRATULATIONS!

Second Photographer:  Artemas Mott

Church:  Holy Cross Catholic Church, Garrett Park, Maryland

Reception:  Columbia Country Club, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Planner:  Everything Promised, Allyson Dietsch

Makeup:  Le Mariee’ Makeup, Lori Nansi

Lighting:  Atmosphere Lighting

Band:  Retrospect

Cake:  Custom Cake Design

Flowers:  The Delighted Eye

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