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Meghan + Greg at Raspberry Plain

Raspberry Plain_001I loved everything about this wedding.  First of all, Meghan and Greg are a super friendly, relaxed pair who were clearly delighted to be getting married.  They smiled all day long, as did their equally relaxed wedding guests.  Second, I loved shooting at Raspberry Plain for the first time.  RP is a historic mansion in lovely horse country.  The surroundings are so picturesque, and they were enhanced by a rainbow and then a colorful sunset as the evening progressed.  And, finally, Meghan + Greg, had one of the best parties ever.  Their band, Blue Label, was phenomenal.  Seriously phenomenal.  They were the best band I have ever seen perform at a wedding.  And if that wasn’t cool enough, Meghan + Greg had a grilled cheese state for their guests at the end of the night.  A grilled cheese bar!!  It was a huge hit, and I can confirm that a sandwich made with brie and pear is delicious.  Loved this wedding!  Congrats, M+G!

Raspberry Plain_002 Raspberry Plain_003 Raspberry Plain_004 Raspberry Plain_005 Raspberry Plain_006 Raspberry Plain_007 Raspberry Plain_008 Raspberry Plain_009 Raspberry Plain_010 Raspberry Plain_011 Raspberry Plain_012 Raspberry Plain_013 Raspberry Plain_014 Raspberry Plain_015 Raspberry Plain_016 Raspberry Plain_017 Raspberry Plain_018 Raspberry Plain_019 Raspberry Plain_020 Raspberry Plain_021 Raspberry Plain_022 Raspberry Plain_023 Raspberry Plain_024 Raspberry Plain_025 Raspberry Plain_026 Raspberry Plain_027 Raspberry Plain_028 Raspberry Plain_029 Raspberry Plain_030 Raspberry Plain_031 Raspberry Plain_032 Raspberry Plain_033 Raspberry Plain_034

Second Photographer & Assistant:  Artemas Mott and Jennifer Tallman Magnuson

Venue:  Raspberry Plain, Maria Guerra

Caterer:  R&R Catering, Diana Gilbert

Band:  Blue Label, EastCoast Entertainment

Florist:  Rick’s Flowers

Officiant:  Father Michael Kelley

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