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Meredith & Lewis’ Engagement in Eastern Market

I am extremely jealous of the new life upon which Meredith & Lewis are about to embark.  First of all, they have chosen a fabulous, unique venue for their October 15th wedding – Weather Lea, a working farm in Lovettsville – which will be a very charming and impressive backdrop for their wedding.  And secondly, they are moving to Beijing in 2012!!!  Meredith and Lewis are both in the Foreign Service and China will be the first of many exciting, foreign homes for the newly-married couple.  I can only imagine how excited they must be for their future together!

Meredith and Lewis were lucky enough to live near Eastern Market for several years and they absolutely loved the neighborhood while there.  The ecclectic area was a logical choice for their engagement shoot, and fortunately, we visited the area on a Monday afternoon when all was quiet and tourist-free.  I wish one of us could take credit for thinking of that ahead of time, but really, it was just a lucky accident.  :)









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