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Courtesy of two very busy schedules and the expense of buying (and furnishing) a brand new home, Blake and I had not been on a proper vacation since August 2010.   Clearly, our tired, weary selves were long overdue for some sunshine and relaxation, and we elected to visit the quirky, eccentric, and pastel-colored town where I spent my college years:  Miami, Florida.  This city is definitely a vibrant, confident, hedonistic place, and nothing really beats sipping on a cocktail on Lincoln Road or Ocean Drive in 80 degree weather, watching the world go by.  And that is because Miami has THE best people-watching scene imaginable with its eclectic mix of international tourists; rail-thin models; barely-clothed strutters; affectionate couples; bodybuilders; you-name-it.  We spent one day visiting my alma mater, one day walking all around South Beach, and the rest of the time sunbathing and reading at the beach/pool – always ending the day with phenomenal food at an outdoor restaurant.  It was nice to finally ignore my OCD self – and thus ignore the guidebooks and the need to always be doing something – and just relax, read, and soak up some vitamin D.  I wish I could claim that Blake and I actually tanned our alabaster skin but our paranoia and frequent application of SPF 70 didn’t really help the cause.  We are nearly as white as when we left, but much more relaxed and energized, fortunately.  :)

I need to apologize in advance that these pictures are lame.  While I love photographing other peoples’ lives, I’m pretty poor at photographing my own.  I’d much rather experience the moment than photograph it – especially when it comes to our vacations – so the camera rarely leaves the hotel room.  So please forgive the lame documentation of such a colorful and vibrant city….   :)


I always love the Miami sky. Every night brings a new collection of rich colors.


Ah South Beach's art deco district. What personality.


How do I know my husband loves me? Because he humors me for pictures like this, poor guy.


The scene on our beach days...


...and on our pool days.


And Blake and I, one night before going out for fattening food and drink.... :)


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