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Michelle & David at Woodend Sanctuary

Woodend Sanctuary_001

Michelle and David are ridiculously cute together.  It was a pleasure to watch them on their wedding day because they were so thrilled to be getting married.  They smiled every time they looked at one another and they were giddy throughout the day.  Michelle & David’s wedding took place at one my favorite venues, Woodend Sanctuary, which was a gorgeous backdrop to the couple’s nuptials and celebration.  It was a perfect wedding.  Congratulations, Michelle & David!

Woodend Sanctuary_002 Woodend Sanctuary_003 Woodend Sanctuary_004 Woodend Sanctuary_005 Woodend Sanctuary_006 Woodend Sanctuary_007 Woodend Sanctuary_008 Woodend Sanctuary_009 Woodend Sanctuary_010 Woodend Sanctuary_011 Woodend Sanctuary_012 Woodend Sanctuary_013 Woodend Sanctuary_014 Woodend Sanctuary_015 Woodend Sanctuary_016 Woodend Sanctuary_017 Woodend Sanctuary_018 Woodend Sanctuary_019 Woodend Sanctuary_020 Woodend Sanctuary_021 Woodend Sanctuary_022 Woodend Sanctuary_023 Woodend Sanctuary_024 Woodend Sanctuary_025 Woodend Sanctuary_026 Woodend Sanctuary_027 Woodend Sanctuary_028 Woodend Sanctuary_029

Second Photographer & Assistant:  Artemas Mott & Jenifer Morris

Wedding Planner:  Christina Baxter, CiBi Events

Hair & Makeup:  Alison Harper & Company

Flowers:  Growing Wild Floral Company

Caterer:  Main Event

Music:  The Rollex Band

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