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Nashville Bound

On Saturday, I head to Nashville for the Imaging USA conference. I’m so excited! First of all, I’ve never been to Nashville or the state of Tennessee for that matter, except for a drive-thru here and there. Secondly, I’m going with three fabulous female photographers and am expecting lots of bonding as well as fighting over the one hotel room bathroom. And finally, and most importantly, I’m ready to geek out and learn, learn, learn. Wonderful photographers and experts from all over the world will be giving classes in all sorts of topics, including Photoshop techniques, good business practices, off-camera lighting, etc, etc. I can’t wait to meet fellow enthusiastic photographers from around the world, and I’m anxious to see the latest and greatest in albums and camera gadgets at the expo. I’m sure I will come home with significantly less money than when I left but I will have gained lots of knowlege, good stories, and a few new toys :)

I will be out of town from Saturday 1/9 until Wednesday 1/13 so please forgive me if I’m slow in responding to emails and phone calls. I will be back to business on Thursday 1/14. Thanks for your patience while I dork out!



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