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Samantha, Brant, and Biggie Smalls

I loved photographing these two and their Shiba Inu puppy, Biggie Smalls.  Samantha and Brant are both hysterical and very laid-back and, fortunately for me, they chose an awesome location for their portraits.  Yards Park is a fabulous community park just a few blocks from their home where they get to spend a lot of time courtesy of their walks with Biggie.  I love these three and just wish Biggie could be there at the wedding, which is less than two weeks away!!!

Yards Park-001 Yards Park-002 Yards Park-003 Yards Park-004 Yards Park-005 Yards Park-006 Yards Park-007 Yards Park-008 Yards Park-009 Yards Park-010 Yards Park-011 Yards Park-012 Yards Park-013 Yards Park-014

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