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Sarah & James in Arlington, Va

Sarah and James had a great wedding on Saturday. The ceremony took place at Sarah’s childhood church, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, and was performed by the wonderful Reverend Mary Demmler. Sarah wore an amazing veil that was purchased in Belgium and worn by both her Grandmother and Mother at their weddings. The reception took place just a few blocks away at the lovely Washington Golf and Country Club. I had a lot of fun at this reception! First of all, DJ Brennan Sullivan of Bialek’s Music did a great job of keeping everyone on the dance floor and thus provided me with great dancing shots :) Sarah and James’ first dance was an adorable, little number they choreographed to “And Then He Kissed Me” which provided a lot of laughs and subsequent conversation. The toasts by the Best Man and Maid of Honor (a married couple themselves) were extremely thoughtful and nearly made ME cry! They shared cute tidbits about both Sarah and James and why they make such a great couple, despite having met in a bar and being complete opposites. My favorite thing about this wedding was how James looked at Sarah, which I wasn’t even entirely aware of until I went through my images the following day. I have tons and tons of pictures from the reception of James looking at Sarah with the sweetest smile and most adoring look. I love it! Congratulations, Sarah and James. It was great to be a part of your wedding!

Gorgeous Sarah!

Gorgeous Sarah

Joanna, Jaime, and Julie help with the dress :)

Joanna, Jaime, and Julie help with the dress

Sarah's amazing veil

Sarah's amazing veil


A cool 1960s Cadillac

Sweet 1960s Cadillac





Introduction of the Newleyweds!

Introduction of the Newleyweds!

Listening to the fabulous toasts...

Listening to the fabulous toasts...



See more in the slideshow below :)

See more in the slideshow below :)

See more in the slideshow below :)

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