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Seena & Viren’s Beautiful Wedding!

This wedding was such a joyous, emotional event, and it was celebrated beautifully with music, color, dance, traditions, family and friends. I was nearly overwhelmed with all of those amazing elements and was even compelled, on a handful of ocassions, to shake my booty along with the ecstatic couple and wedding guests. My favorite part of the day was the Baraat, Viren’s processional with family and friends to the wedding site and to Seena’s family. As Viren made the journey on horseback, his family danced around him to the sound of the drums and the DJ’s beat. There was so much joy in their faces, in their movements, and in the music – it was amazing to witness!! And then again, at the reception, this happiness and love of dance and music resulted in hours of dancing (and postponement of the actual meal for several hours!). I love that!

Seena and Viren are a great couple. Their personalities compliment eachother perfectly and they are very laid-back and easy to get along with. The rain and (extreme) humidity ruined our outdoor portrait plans, but fortunately the Westin Hotel provided us with modern art and chic furniture for a backdrop. Once again, I lucked out and was able to work with the fabulous and talented Trisha Cranor of Working Brides, Tara Karimi of Makeovers on Call, Clara of Clara’s Designer Cakes, and the lovely mother/daughter duo of Partyland Flowers & Event Decor. And thank you, so much, to Kim Seidl who helped me out and second shot at the wedding. It was so great to work with all of these talented ladies!

Seena's Mom and Aunt helped her with the many fabulous pieces of jewelry she wore for the ceremony

Seena's family helps her with the beautiful pieces of jewelry her Mom purchased in India

Seena looked so gorgeous!

Seena is so gorgeous!





Baraat begins!

Baraat begins!

And dancing ensues :)

And dancing ensues :)



Viren is warmly greeted by Seena's family :)

Viren is warmly greeted by Seena's family :)






Vidai begins, and Seena says a tearful goodbye to her family

During Vidai, Seena bids a tearful goodbye to her family

And then the celebration begins!!

And then the celebration begins!!



Seena's Dad breaks it down to Michael Jackson :)

Seena's Dad breaks it down to Michael Jackson :)





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