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Susie + Jimmy Are Expecting


Brookside Gardens_Maternity_011Oh my goodness, could these two be any cuter!?  I loved spending the afternoon with these expectant parents.  Their newest family member is due to arrive in just a few weeks, and it is obvious these two cannot wait.  Susie and Jimmy are such down-to-earth, sincere, and sweet people.  I imagine that they are going to be amazing parents and that is going to be one well-loved little nugget.  Congrats, Jimmy + Susie!  I can’t wait to meet your little boy or girl when he/she gets here.  :)

Brookside Gardens_Maternity_012 Brookside Gardens_Maternity_013 Brookside Gardens_Maternity_014 Brookside Gardens_Maternity_015 Brookside Gardens_Maternity_016 Brookside Gardens_Maternity_017 Brookside Gardens_Maternity_018 Brookside Gardens_Maternity_019 Brookside Gardens_Maternity_020

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