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Thania’s Wedding!

Thania is a super talented makeup artist and hair stylist who owns her own bridal salon, TRU Beauty, in Vienna, VA. I first came across Thania at Anne and Mike’s wedding last October and I was floored by her talent. Everyone that walked out of that salon that day looked AMAZING! Well, Thania and I are both getting married this year and, smart lady that she is, Thania suggested we exchange services. Thania needed a few hours of photography coverage on the morning of her wedding, which took place in June, and I need a makeup artist and hairstylist for my wedding in October. Done and done. :) So on the morning of Thania’s wedding, I headed to her house where the ceremony was to take place and I documented the family and friends watching the event from outside. Thania’s family and friends were delightful! They offered me lots of food, joked around with me, and I enjoyed a great morning documenting fabulous people at a fabulous event. Prepare yourselves for the adorable kids – there are several! :)








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