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The Berger Family!

When I started my own business, Nicole and Steve were my first wedding clients! I will love them eternally for trusting me and giving me that opportunity. Their wedding was so joyful and fun, it was such a great way to start my career. On Saturday, just a week after their five year Anniversary, Nicole and Steve met me at Burke Lake Park with their three fabulous kids for a fun family photo session. Kamryn, Blake, and Ava Grace are possibly the three most adorable kids EVER. Kamryn is now nine years old and much, much taller than I remember her :) Kamryn wears cool purple glasses, loves mystery novels, and told me all about her most recent sleepover (wow, I miss those days!). Blake is 2 1/2 years old and super cute! He initially started off pretty shy but once he warmed up, he said “cheese” or “macaroni and cheese” for nearly every picture. I may have to steal the macaroni phrase! Ava is 10 months old and adorable. She is an independent little thing, especially now that she can walk on her own, and was eager to explore and reach for soccer balls, bubbles, etc. Some of her explorations led to unintentional plop-downs where she would then comfortably sit for a few minutes (and give me a good opportunity to get shots of her).

Burke Lake Park was a perfect spot for our photo shoot. The kids were entertained with the playground, carousel, and train (!!) and these diversions provided me with some great shots. (You will notice that there are lots and lots of pictures from the train). I had a great morning with the Bergers and feel a little more ready to start a family of my own after seeing how much enjoyment they get from one another :)






Train time!  I love the above shot :)

Train time! I love the above shot :)


Blake covers his eyes for the tunnel!

Blake covers his eyes for the tunnel!





The Bergers :)

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