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Vandana & Travis at Sheraton Premiere

Sheraton Premiere-001

It was a gorgeous wedding day that combined two families’ traditional wedding ceremonies.  Guests filled the lovely, sun-filled ballroom at the Sheraton Premiere to watch as Vandana & Travis took the seven steps, the Saptapadi, of the Hindu ceremony and then as they exchanged vows and wedding rings in the subsequent Christian ceremony.  Once Vandana & Travis were husband and wife, we went on a quick journey with the wedding party to find greenery near Meadowlark  Gardens and at Wolf Trap.  After an outfit change and a little break, it was time to party the night away with family and friends in the transformed and stunning ballroom.  Vandana & Travis are a gorgeous couple, and their wedding was truly a fantastic day.  Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Sheraton Premiere-002 Sheraton Premiere-003 Sheraton Premiere-004 Sheraton Premiere-005 Sheraton Premiere-006 Sheraton Premiere-007 Sheraton Premiere-008 Sheraton Premiere-009 Sheraton Premiere-010 Sheraton Premiere-011 Sheraton Premiere-012 Sheraton Premiere-013 Sheraton Premiere-014 Sheraton Premiere-015 Sheraton Premiere-016 Sheraton Premiere-017 Sheraton Premiere-018 Sheraton Premiere-019 Sheraton Premiere-020 Sheraton Premiere-021 Sheraton Premiere-022 Sheraton Premiere-023 Sheraton Premiere-024 Sheraton Premiere-025 Sheraton Premiere-026 Sheraton Premiere-027 Sheraton Premiere-028 Sheraton Premiere-029 Sheraton Premiere-030 Sheraton Premiere-031 Sheraton Premiere-032 Sheraton Premiere-033 Sheraton Premiere-034 Sheraton Premiere-035 Sheraton Premiere-036 Sheraton Premiere-037 Sheraton Premiere-038 Sheraton Premiere-039 Sheraton Premiere-040 Sheraton Premiere-041

Second Photographer & Assistant:  Artemas Mott & Jennifer Tallman

Wedding Coordinator:  Trisha Cranor, Working Brides

Florist & Decorator:  L’Ambiance

DJ:  Volcanik Entertainment

Caterer & Cake:  IndAroma

Hair & Makeup:  Makeovers on Call

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