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Wedding Albums

We love wedding albums over here at Timmester Photography.  In this digital age, we think it is so important for our clients to have a high-quality, tangible product that they can touch, display, enjoy, and pass down through the generations.  An album is the perfect way to tell the story of the wedding day from start to finish, with the best and most poignant pictures from the getting ready all the way through the late-night celebration.  Also, the wedding album is a gorgeous piece of art, made with the finest silks and leathers, providing the viewer with a fabulous sensory experience.  And, finally, and most importantly, the wedding album is a family heirloom.  The wedding album will be enjoyed, touched, and pored over by future generations just as I have done with my own grandparents’ wedding albums.  And I have been remiss about doing this in the past, but I plan to change that today:  I now want to share images of clients’ albums as they arrive at the studio, before they are picked up by the newlyweds.  These are beautiful display pieces which perfectly capture the couple’s big day, and I’m so excited to share these and future albums with you.


The Fine Art Album comes in stunning silks and display boxes, and it features approximately one image per page for 100 pages.  Below are Lindsay & Arkadiy’s three wedding albums:  their own 11×11 gorgeous album and the two 8×8 parent albums.  Lindsay & Arkadiy’s albums are in the Robin’s Egg blue with a simple one line inscription on the cover.  The wedding album comes a presentation box with a ribbon and the parents albums in slip cases.  Arkadiy will be picking up his albums later today and I can’t wait for him to see them!

Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_001 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_002 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_003 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_004 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_005 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_006 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_007 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_008 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_009



The Flush Mount Album is our most popular option.  It features a gorgeous, custom-designed layout of the clients’ favorite photographs, mounted on thick, heavyweight pages.  The Flush Mount Album comes in a multitude of leathers, silks, suedes and cover options, including a photographic cameo like the one on Casey & Joey’s album below.  Casey & Joey chose a lovely burgundy leather for their album, with a 3×3″ cameo on the cover, and their names inscribed on the book’s spine in gold.  Unfortunately, I did not have as much time to photograph C&J’s album, but hopefully you will get a sense of how lovely it is!

Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_010 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_011 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_012 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_013 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_014 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_015 Wedding Albums_Timmester Photography_016

We want to continue to share clients’ albums with you so please check back for more album posts in the future!  Thanks for stopping by.

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