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Anjali + David at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Anjali and David are a sweet, funny, and authentic couple.  They are both thoughtful people with strong bonds and a deep love for one another, their friends, and their families.   They express this love in opposite ways, however, which reminded me of my husband and I.  Anjali is expressive and, thus, quick to smile, hug, and connect with others.  David is stoic and his loving gestures are much more quiet and private as result.  To get pictures of him smiling became one of my main goals during Anjali + David’s wedding weekend, and I feel like I won that battle.  :)  Congratulations to Anjali + David, two incredible people who care for one another deeply but express it in very different ways.  Best wishes to you, cuties.  :)

Venue:  Cheseapeake Bay Beach Club, Kent Island, MD

Henna artist:  Bhavna’s Henna & Arts

Makeup + hair:  Alison Harper & Co

Florist:  Karin’s Florist

DJ + Lighting:  Mixing Maryland, DJ Quentin

Cake:  The Honey Hive, Cakes by Rachael

Wedding gown store:  White Swan Bridal

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