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Caitlin + Erik at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_001Oh my goodness, how cute are these two!?!?  I could seriously just eat them up.  Caitlin and Erik are both such lovely, sweet, and genuine people, and they are adorable together.  Obviously.  They have a very easy way with one another, and  they laugh A LOT, which means it was a delight to photograph them.  I loved wandering the grounds of Meadowlark Botanical Gardens with them, which just happens to be where Erik’s mom works (how fabulous is that job!?).  It was great to hear about their recent trip to Europe and their June 2015 wedding plans, although the former did make me a little jealous, I’m not gonna lie.  I wish I could have tagged along on their London visit.  :)  Congrats, C+E!  I cannot wait until you two get hitched on June 6th!!

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_002Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_003Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_004Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_005Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_006Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_007Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_008Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_009Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_010Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_011Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_012Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_013Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_014

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