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Carolina + Ken Are Expecting Twins

Meadowlark Gardens_001I’m so happy for Carolina, Ken, and their family as they anxiously await the arrival of twin baby boys, who should be here ANY DAY NOW!  We did a combination maternity + family session with Ken’s fabulous kids on a beautiful fall day in late October at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens.  Although Carolina is carrying two little guys, she didn’t slow down or complain at all as we traipsed all around the park in to weeds and the like. :)  Carolina is a trooper and a gorgeous lady.  She and I used to work together back in the day, and  I know that she is going to be a hands-down, amazing mom.  Ken and Carolina’s boys are two lucky kids because they are going to be loved by wonderful parents and two older siblings.  Now these boys just need to get here already so that we can meet them.   :)

Meadowlark Gardens_002Meadowlark Gardens_003Meadowlark Gardens_004Meadowlark Gardens_005Meadowlark Gardens_006Meadowlark Gardens_007Meadowlark Gardens_008Meadowlark Gardens_009Meadowlark Gardens_010Meadowlark Gardens_011Meadowlark Gardens_012

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