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Catherine + Max in Old Town Leesburg

Old Town Leesburg_001

These two are so chill.  And genuine.  And adorable.  They met dancing to 80s music at one of The Legwarmers much-loved performances at The State Theater (here in my town of Falls Church!).  As if that wasn’t cool enough, they are going to host their wedding at that same spot, The State Theater, next year.  For their engagement session, they wanted to incorporate some of their loves, including craft beer and tacky, hilarious t-shirts.  We made it happen.  We met up at an awesome, small local brewery, Crooked Run, and we also ended the session there.  (My husband was very appreciative of the growler I brought home, but then proceeded to drink the entire thing with our friend Nicole while watching football – all in one evening.  I never had any!  He owes me  :)  It was a very relaxed afternoon wandering around Leesburg, laughing quite a bit, and then enjoying a bit of craft beer.  It was pretty perfect, actually.  :)

Old Town Leesburg_002Old Town Leesburg_003Old Town Leesburg_004Old Town Leesburg_005Old Town Leesburg_006Old Town Leesburg_007Old Town Leesburg_008Old Town Leesburg_009Old Town Leesburg_010

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