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Chelsea + Troy at The Cotton Room

I love the ways in which Chelsea + Troy personalized their wedding. First of all, they MADE THEIR OWN WEDDING RINGS!! Chelsea + Troy became metalsmiths for a day so that could create one another’s wedding bands at Danielle Miller Jewelry. I love that their rings are so meaningful – beyond just the commitment that they symbolize. I also like that C+T didn’t conform to bridal party expectations in that they had ladies and gents on both sides. I’m all for knocking down the status quo on that one, and I hope that more couples follow in their nontraditional footsteps. Chelsea + Troy had an amaaazing wedding at The Cotton Room, and they are presently basking up some sun in Hawaii. Congratulations to the lovely newlyweds!

Also, this was my first time shooting at The Cotton Room, and I adored it. I love the history of the venue, the beautiful windows, and the accessibility to fabulous sites outside, such as the Beltline. I’m so glad that Chelsea + Troy introduced me to the venue and trusted me to photograph their celebration. I think that some newly engaged couples ignore a photographer if he/she has not shot at their venue before, and I want to point out that this should not be a determining factor. In fact, it can be incredibly inspiring to shoot in a new space, and with some preliminary work – such as a walkthrough with the couple and attendance of the rehearsal – a photographer can be fully prepared on the day of the wedding, whether he/she has shot there before. End of preach.  :)

Venue:  The Cotton Room

Hair + Makeup:  Wedded Kiss

Florist:  Tre Bella

Gown:  Maggi Bridal

Officiant:  Reverend Kathie McCutcheon

Cake:  Cake Couture

Rings:  Handmade by the couple at Danielle Miller Jewelry Studio

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