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Corinne + Family at Glenview Mansion

Corinne is the adorable daughter of Katie & Tom, whose wedding I had the pleasure of photographing in the summer of 2010, and Carley is Corinne’s older “sister”, a sweet-natured chocolate labrador (who was also at K+T’s wedding!).  I loved photographing this beautiful family of four at Glenview Mansion a few weeks ago.  They are adorable together, and Corrine is an absolute sweetheart who loves her monkey stuffed animal, tea parties, and bubbles (just like Carley does).  It was a suuuuuper cute afternoon, as you can imagine.  :)

Glenview Mansion_001Glenview Mansion_002Glenview Mansion_003Glenview Mansion_004Glenview Mansion_005Glenview Mansion_006Glenview Mansion_007Glenview Mansion_008Glenview Mansion_009Glenview Mansion_010

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