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Cydney + Ryan at Aix La Chapelle

Whoa what a wedding!  Cydney and her mother had a vision for this celebration, and man, did they go above and beyond to bring it to fruition.  When I arrived at the venue, Cydney’s parents’ home, my jaw dropped to the floor.  The farm, which I had seen before at C+R’s engagement session, was already a beautiful and charming site before the wedding day.  However, Cydney’s family managed to turn it in to a wedding day wonderland.  No. Joke.  I could have photographed the property and all of the whimsical details for days and days and days – and still not documented everything.  Cydney and her family need to switch professions and become event designers.  They are amazing at it.

Thank goodness that Cydney and Ryan found each other.  Seriously.  Those two have SO MUCH chemistry and they adore one another.  A few years ago, Cyd was finally (and fortunately) convinced to attend one of her dad’s work events.  Ryan was in attendance that evening and, although a friend planned to introduce Ryan to Amanda (Cydney’s twin sister it just so happens), Ryan saw Cydney before Amanda arrived.  And then he really, really wanted to meet her.  The rest, as they say, is history (and Amanda is happy and utterly in love with her beau, Gabe, sidenote)!  Congrats to Cydney and Ryan and to their incredible families!!  What an amazing union.


Coordination:  Creative Parties

Design:  Joy Siegel + family

Florist:  Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

Makeup:  Nikki Fraser, Beauty ‘n the Bride

Hair:  Nancy Engler, Symmetry Salon

Band:  Chris Norton Band

Baker:  Sweet Teensy Bakery

Candy:  Hammond’s Candies

Caterer:  Occasions

Lighting:  Digital Lightning

Tent:  Sugarplum Tent Company

Gold Carts:  United Metro Golf Carts









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