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Diana + Michael at The Belvedere in Baltimore

The Belvedere_001They met at a wedding in Baltimore two and a half years ago.  Diana was from Baltimore but was living in New York City at the time and Michael was visiting from Toronto.  They chatted for hours at that wedding, and they both knew they had met someone special.  They became facebook friends and then spent a weekend together in New York City, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Nearly three years later and now they are husband and wife, having just hosted a beautiful Baltimore wedding of their own at The Belvedere.  That historic and grand site was the perfect setting for their beautiful wedding, which united families from two very different parts of the world:  Azerbaijan and Canada.  Michael and Diana both adore their families and that adoration is clearly returned by their proud parents.  It was so sweet to witness the smiles, tears, and meaningful glances exchanged between the newlyweds and their families throughout the day.  It was a lovely wedding, which joined two special families, and I was delighted to be a part of it.  Thank you so much, Diana & Michael, and Aloha!  I hope that you are enjoying your honeymoon in Hawaii.  :)

The Belvedere_002The Belvedere_003The Belvedere_004The Belvedere_005The Belvedere_006The Belvedere_007The Belvedere_008The Belvedere_009The Belvedere_010The Belvedere_011The Belvedere_012The Belvedere_013The Belvedere_014The Belvedere_015The Belvedere_016The Belvedere_017The Belvedere_018The Belvedere_019The Belvedere_020The Belvedere_021The Belvedere_022The Belvedere_023The Belvedere_024The Belvedere_025The Belvedere_026The Belvedere_027The Belvedere_028The Belvedere_029The Belvedere_030The Belvedere_031The Belvedere_032The Belvedere_033The Belvedere_034The Belvedere_035Second Photographer:  Artemas Mott

Venue:  The Belvedere

Hotel:  Hotel Monaco, Baltimore, Maryland

Coordinator:  Kat Philgreen, Belvedere & Company Events

Catering:  Belvedere & Company Events

Florist:  Floral Impressions

Band:  DC Synergy, Entertainment Exchange

Rabbi:  Andrew Busch, Baltimore Hebrew Congregation

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