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Jess + Geoff at 1757 Golf Club

1757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_001

What a fun group this was.  Two weeks before the wedding, Jess emailed me to say that she and Geoff weren’t really interested in outdoor portraits and they were hoping to do portraits at a craft brewery instead.  How cool is that!?  Fortunately, Ocelot Brewing Company was awesome about the entire process.  They gave us permission and even saved us a corner in the back, which was essential because that place is quite the hot spot on weekends!  Little did we know when we lined up that portrait location that Jess and Geoff’s early October wedding was going to be a rainy one so the brewery was absolutely perfect.  Thank you, Ocelot, for the fabulous backdrop, for being so welcoming, and for keeping us warm and dry on a rainy Saturday.  :)

Congratulations, Jess + Geoff!  You are an awesome duo, and it was so much fun photographing your celebration!  Here are a few of my favorites from the brewery and from your fabulous reception.  :)

1757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0021757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0031757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0041757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0051757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0061757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0071757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0081757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0091757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0111757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0121757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0131757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0141757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0151757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_0161757 Golf Club_Timmester Photography_017

Venue:  1757 Golf Club

Church:  Saint Mark Catholic Church, Vienna, Virginia

Portrait Location:  Ocelot Brewing Company, Sebastian Widman

Florist:  Rick’s Flowers

Lighting:  A2Z Event Lighting

Cake:  Fluffy Thoughts

Pies:  Amphora Bakery

DJ:  Sound Wave DJ, Chris Rao

Hair:  KC Felton Bridal Hair

Makeup:  Makeup by Brooke

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