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Kasey + Shawn at the Fairmont

This was our first wedding of the season, and what a fantastic way to start!  Kasey and Shawn have sooooo much chemistry.  They constantly smile around one another and their eyes sparkle.  You get the sense that each one feels 100% lucky to be marrying the other.  Shawn respects and adores Kasey, and Kasey adores and respects Shawn.  It’s beautiful.  And if that wasn’t cute enough, they have adorable family members too!  Kasey’s and Shawn’s parents get along marvelously, and it was adorable to see all the meaningful moments shared between the moms, grabbing hands and/or tearing up.  And the same goes for the newlyweds’ siblings!  There were some tears on their parts too – or at least faces contorted in the effort to not cry – and it was really touching.  There was so much love, joy, and appreciation at this event.  It’s clear Kasey, Shawn, and their newly united families are going to have a great life together.  Congratulations to Kasey & Shawn and their families!

Venue:  The Fairmont

Officiant:  Say I Do Your Way, Bill Cochran

Hair + Makeup:  Alison Harper & Company

Florist:  Yellow Door Floral Design

DJ:  Mike Blaufeld

Lighting:  PSAV

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