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Kristen + Bruce at Antrim 1844

When I first spoke to Kristen on the phone, she was enthusiastic, energetic, and overflowing with ideas of how she was going to surprise her fiance on their wedding day.  I loved her immediately.  Every single, loving gesture Kristen thought of to honor her new husband came to fruition on the wedding day.  She surprised Bruce with something he loves, bagpipe music, during the cocktail hour when a professional bagpiper appeared out of nowhere and started playing!  A very surprised Bruce (and wedding guests) enjoyed the fabulous performance.  Kristen and Bruce were so cute during that.  He was clearly touched and she was elated that he loved it.  Then there was an even bigger surprise just as the couple finished cutting their cake.  Fireworks started to shoot off just down the hill from the venue and everyone ran outside to watch the fabulous display, yet another sweet gesture from Kristen to Bruce.  And then finally, as a nice gift to their wedding guests, Kristen and Bruce had a silhouette artist for guests’ portraits, a Bowtie Bar for the men (in honor of Bruce’s favorite accessory), and whoopie pies as a parting favor!  It was just such a lovely and thoughtful wedding.  Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Venue:  Antrim 1844

Coordinator:  Elizabeth Bailey Weddings, Pam Aiello

Florist:  Koons Flower Shop

Hair & Makeup:  Gregory Dean

Rentals:  Party Rental

Fireworks:  Digital Lightning

Silhouette Artist:  Silhouettes by Hand, Lauren Muney

DJ:  Digital Sound Services, Ian Lade

Harpist:  Harp Shadows, Elaine Bryant

Bagpiper:  The Celtic Bagpiper, Francis Wallace

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